What’s Up?

This time I have a real excuse. It’s been a very busy last few weeks. Here’s the scoop. I have actually been doing some freelance work for friends Andy & Tara, who are making a feature film (BFFs). As a favor I created the film’s production logo & a prop brochure. It was quick & … Continue reading


Wow, I have been very absent. Again. I swore it wouldn’t happen this time, not with this blog. But here we are. I can blame it on my “boring” life. I can pretend all I do is sit in my recliner and apply for jobs, and although I do that a lot I do other … Continue reading

Not much

I met Tim Gunn and went to Disneyland twice, all in the same week. Yesterday was my 8-year anniversary w/ Lazer. We’re poor so we didn’t really do much. Our gift to each other was annual passes to Disneyland (hence the two visits). It’ll also be our Xmas gifts, unless one of us gets real … Continue reading

All’s Quiet

Not much to say. Times is hard so I don’t do much. I’m not a complete and total shut-in, but, not gonna lie, there have been a few multi-day stretches where I haven’t left the apartment. A few things have transpired and I’ve been hoarding them so I sound interesting. (1) I went to San … Continue reading

Notes from a shut in

Pretty uneventful around these parts. I sit in my dark apartment a lot. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “you moved to Los Angeles for this?!” Yep, sure did. It’s temporary so I try not to fixate too much on my dark existence. I’ve been sort-of productive. Applying for all the jobs, catching up on all … Continue reading

ATX > WeHo (AKA: the longest post ever)

In the days since my last “real” post things have been crazy, but in some ways very uneventful. Sorry this isn’t a funny one, but a lot of people have been looking for the scoop on how things are going, so here it is. My last day of work was pretty weird and emotional. Nadyne … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

First things first, PURPLE! I went to Target for household items for more settling in. I got what I went for, but I also got a dress. I felt pretty sassy as soon as I put it on and gave a twirl. Details about the pain-in-my-ass but mostly uneventful move in the next post. P.S.: … Continue reading