It’s been 3.5 months since I blogged. I guess that whole getting better at blogging thing didn’t really work out for me. So here it is, January 1 and I am resolving to try again. Sorry, I know new year’s resolutions are the worst. At least if I fail horribly I won’t be any different from anyone else. And at least I’m not making a fitness resolution. Not out loud anyway. Because I’m still pretending my pants don’t feel a little tight and I’m certainly not going to let that giant bag of candy in my kitchen go to waste. Moving on.

What’s been going on since September 18? I’ve managed to remain mostly healthy, if you don’t count the week of not being able to stand upright. And I haven’t really humiliated myself in public or private too much. Just the usual stuff like finding food in my shirt. Oh, wait, I got hit in the face with a bottle of hot sauce. I’ll make a whole blog out of that. I meant to do it anyway when it actually happened. Anyway, in no particular order, the highlights are: I went to Disneyland some more (shocker). My hair has gotten pretty long. I finally had breakfast tacos in L.A. because an Austin-y restaurant opened up in East Hollywood/Los Feliz. I suffered through a community college production of Plaid Tidings (a Christmas musical)–I hate Christmas music. I posted a lot of cat pictures to Instagram. Noah and I celebrated our 9-year anniversary. I went to Phoenix to see my parents, aunt, and uncle. That leads us up to the holiday season.

Our friend Kalle is visiting from Sweden so we’ve been pretty busy doing stuff: eating, drinking, shopping (more on that later), and sightseeing with more of to come. And amusement parks! So many rollercoasters in our future. We’re going to Disneyland AND Magic Mountain. YEEEEAHH! Not a bad way to end 2013 and begin 2014.

The year feels to have gone by so fast, especially December. For the most part, it was a good year although I wish a few things had gone differently. But onward and upward I guess. I’ll just have to get it right this year, I suppose.

I leave you with 28 of my favorite photos/moments of the year. Bye, jerks.


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