It’s the Blogpocalypse!

The blogpocalypse must be nigh; here I am writing a post, after 8 months of radio silence. Things have happened since T-Gives 2012 but I guess none of it felt super bloggable. But I was thinking about my blog, and even got sucked into re-reading all my old posts when something SUPER EMBARRASSING HAPPENED! I’ll do a “catch-up” later, in case anyone cares. But for now, enjoy my humiliation. ❤

I was sittin’ in my living room getting some work done after having a short-but-super-awesome chat with rad Emily Gipson. During the course of my mid-afternoon lady date,  I gorged on an iced soy chai and a sweet potato muffin which left my belt and pants feeling a bit snug. As we all do in the privacy of our own homes, I undid my belt and pants and gave in to the belly bloat. No big though. The door was shut, the blinds were shut. But I guess I didn’t shut the door all the way and a gusty-ish breeze blew it open. Again, no big. The laptop as in my lap hiding my glut gut and I wasn’t expecting visitors. BUT THEN . . . THEN THE UPS GUY CAME TO THE DOOR!!! He stood there waiting for me to get up and take the package out of his hand, despite it not requiring a signature. I did my best to hide my undone pants & belt but he could totally see, and I’m pretty sure I head him laughing after he walked away.



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