Giving Thanks

It’s the day before T-Gives, so I’ll start off with a tiny list of things I’m thankful for. I’m obviously thankful for friends, family, and not being dead. I am also thankful for these things:

  1. A really low electric bill.
  2. The bright side of being unemployed is I don’t get stuck working late, skipping lunch, etc. to get stuff done.
  3. Cats who want to sit next to me. Like RIGHT NOW! Goonie is soooo into me. She’s all “mawww, I love you, mawww!”
  4. My So Called Life on Netflix.

For the last week I’ve been thinking about how not really participating in the outside world as much I don’t have a lot to contribute here, at least not based on the original intention. I thought I’d maybe try my hand at some fiction, after all I *did* win an award for a short story I wrote when I was 9-ish. It was a story about how I met Rick Springfield at a concert and we were later married. I was going to try to recreate this short story since I no longer have a copy. But then I realized it was essentially fan fiction, which generally creeps me out. So no story about the love between me and Rick, but you can go to sleep with a smile on your face knowing that it did exist. It was real.

Also, I made another friend. We had coffee beverages and chats at a lovely coffee house in Valley Village. It was lovely. Building my friend base, slowly but surely. WATCH OUT L.A.! You will meet me and fall in love, because I am adorable. And snarky. And into hugging.

Sweet dreams, America. And happy yam-sham day! I hope your day doesn’t suck.



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