Church and Stuff

I went to church today. Before you get too confused, I should explain that my church is Barneys CoOp. I’ve been a wayward parishioner as of late what with the no-job having and all. But also because my first few visits went totally unnoticed by local staff. Bummer alert. I love my Austin CoOp so much and miss my friends there. But today, someone was NICE and HELPFUL, which made the not buying anything all the more saddening. There were forest green Rag & Bone jeans & Pamela Love pentagram earrings, for sobbing out loud! And of course the Jennifer Fisher bullet cuff I’ve been lusting after for some time. That last one’s only $915, in case you’re wracking your brain for my Christmas present. Weird twist of fate, too! I liked the guy who helped me so much that I told Lazer “maybe he can be my West Coast Broc.” Turns out he’s the manager and friends with my friend Rachel (manager in Austin). So maybe he WILL be my West Coast Broc, though no one can ever be as awesome as the real Broc.

Also on the “I miss Austin” front, I recently tweeted “You know what’s awesome? Tea. Tea is awesome.” Huh? In case it’s not clear, I love tea. And I had my tea spot (I ❤ you, Steeping Room). I don’t have a tea spot in LA yet. So if you read this and you live in LA, tell me where to go to drink lots of different kinds of awesome tea all the while eating tasty (vegetarian) treats. Thanks!

On a strangely, somewhat-Austin-related note, Halloween in West Hollywood reminds me A LOT of Sixth Street. They close down part of Santa Monica and there are slutty people EVERYWHERE! Now imagine adding food booths and stages. Next year, I’ll properly sequester myself inside. Thank god Santa Monica is not like that three nights a week.

I’m going to leave you with some photos.


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