What’s Up?

This time I have a real excuse. It’s been a very busy last few weeks. Here’s the scoop.

I have actually been doing some freelance work for friends Andy & Tara, who are making a feature film (BFFs). As a favor I created the film’s production logo & a prop brochure. It was quick & fun. Feeling creative & useful ain’t too shabby! While I was on set taking photos for the brochure Andy asked if I’d be willing to take some scene stills. I wound up spending most of the 15-day shoot taking behind-the-scenes and set photos. I really enjoyed being on set and would definitely do it again. Except for the part where I fell walking up the stairs next to Sean Maher. Splat! Face first, spilling my plate of food.

In the middle of it all my parents came to visit for the weekend. We spent our Friday at Disneyland. I was able to get Pat & Bob on a few coasters; the best by far being the Matterhorn. The way she screamed was so hilarious I spent the whole ride cackling & shouting “oh my god! you’re killing me with that!” It truly was the Magic Kingdom that day.

In addition to my humiliating set spill, I also managed to let my spasticity shine when I strained a back muscle while putting on boots. And let’s not forget the falling backward in the recliner, getting pinned against the wall. I AM AMAZING! Who knows what’s next.


3 thoughts on “What’s Up?

    • mine, too. and some day I’ll be allowed to make all the photos public. I assume eventually they’ll go up on the film site. for now Andy is asking I be tight-lipped with all the stuff I’ve done.

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