Posted in August 2012

Notes from a shut in

Pretty uneventful around these parts. I sit in my dark apartment a lot. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “you moved to Los Angeles for this?!” Yep, sure did. It’s temporary so I try not to fixate too much on my dark existence. I’ve been sort-of productive. Applying for all the jobs, catching up on all … Continue reading

ATX > WeHo (AKA: the longest post ever)

In the days since my last “real” post things have been crazy, but in some ways very uneventful. Sorry this isn’t a funny one, but a lot of people have been looking for the scoop on how things are going, so here it is. My last day of work was pretty weird and emotional. Nadyne … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

First things first, PURPLE! I went to Target for household items for more settling in. I got what I went for, but I also got a dress. I felt pretty sassy as soon as I put it on and gave a twirl. Details about the pain-in-my-ass but mostly uneventful move in the next post. P.S.: … Continue reading