Posted in July 2012

So we’ve come to the end of the road

It’s been a long week+ since I posted. Sorry about the hiatus but I have been busy packing and panicking, and not making an ass of myself. Until now. Last Friday I managed to karaoke with gusto without really hurting myself (post-headbanging headache does not count), so YEA, ME! And Sunday’s going-away party went off … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

This week’s photo challege was quite timely. Our friends Celeste and Bryan were married today and I snapped this pic of the beautiful bride dancing her ass off to some Juvenile. Best wishes for the brightest future together. xox Tonight’s festivities reminded me of a ridiculous thing that happened the last time I went to … Continue reading

Here’s Mud in Your Eye

I’ve been quiet for a bit. I’d blame packing, but we all know that’s not really true. But in true Janice fashion, I spazzed it up today at a 4th of July party. I was squeezing mustard on my sandwich when the bottle did that farty thing that squeeze bottles sometimes do. No big, right? … Continue reading