Posted in May 2012

Weekly Photo Challege / Post a Day

I’ve decided, since I am taking this blogging thing oh so seriously, that I will do my darndest to participate in the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge and Post a Day. I would also like to take this moment to ask Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang why they taunt me. WHY MARC? WHY ALEXANDER? WHY?!!!?! Weekly … Continue reading

Nothing Funny

Nothing funny or embarrassing has happened to me recently. Sorry. That’s embarrassing in and of itself. I’m so ashamed. I guess I’ve just be too busy being good at life. Or not. In a minute I’ll tell you about my new girlfriend, Werdie. But first I’ll tell you about something that happened a long time … Continue reading

Short and Sweet

If you know me in person or follow me on other social media outlets you may have heard/seen me comment on my thieving cat. SHE STEALS! What’s worse is she has figured out how to pull items from my dirty clothes bin. She leaves them in the middle of the living room carpet. We’re talking … Continue reading

In Through the Out Door

My favorite Anne Taintor product saying is “You say lazy like it’s a bad thing.” And I call myself lazy all the time. (No one believes me, but if you saw my bedroom you’d agree.) I’d rather pay someone to park my car than drive in circles looking for a spot. I desperately want to … Continue reading

Breaking News!

I was going to hold off another day or so before my next post, but this was just too good. I am at work. Late. Boo. I have been getting nothing of consequence accomplished the past few days because everything keeps going wrong. As a result of staying late, I finally sent out one of … Continue reading

flights of Cat Fancy

Here’s the deal. I like pretty things. I like sparkly things. I like food. I (don’t) like to fall down, go BOOM! I think I’m hilarious. Sometimes other people do, too, though not always when I think they should. The plan is to capture at least a little bit of that magic on these here pages. … Continue reading